How do I go about registering or buying a domain name?

Registering a domain name is simple and quick. In the left hand menu under "Domain Registration Services", just click on the "Register a Name" link. In the search box type in the name you'd like to register and follow the prompts. If the name and extension you want is available you'll need to open a free account before you can proceed. It's quick and easy, then once that's done you can then pay the registration fee securely online and the domain name is yours.

Buying a pre-registered domain name from us is a very simple process. Firstly, you can either look through our entire portfolio of domains by clicking through the "All Names" links, or if you have a rough idea of the type of domain you're after, you may find that it's quicker to go straight to one of the preselected catorgories. For instance, "Business Related" if you're looking for a name that has a commercial feel.
Once you find the name that suits your needs just take note of the listed fee. If there isn't a " Make an Offer" link under the list of names, go to the link in the left hand menu bar. In the form that comes up just type in the details. If you're making a counter offer, type that in as well. Submit your offer and we'll process it as soon as possible. You will then be contacted and once we have a mutually agreed price, we can commence the sale process. An account will be opened at our holding registrar (, and the domain placed into it. In the meantime payment can be made using the following options.

Method A.  Payment via PayPal® : (preferred) Pay into our account and once we receive notification that funds have been received we will forward eNom account details to you along with the password. You will then be advised to change this to your own choice and the domain is yours.

Method B (1)  Payment via Cashier's check for 50% of the sale price. Domain moved into holding account at (Nameservers and all domain contacts except "administrative" changed to buyer's details. Upon payment of the remaining 50%, domain name moved to owner's choice of registrar if required and transfer of ownership to buyer completed.

Method B (2)  Cashier's check for total sale price. (All registration details changed to buyers registration details. Domain name moved to owner's choice of registrar if required. Password to domain name given to new owner. Transaction complete.

Method C (1):  50% of payment made via wire transfer. (Details as for Method B (1)

Method C (2):  Full payment via wire transfer. (details as for Method B (2)

escrow service not available on names under $2000. All registrar transfer fees (if applicable) to be paid by buyer. All third party escrow fees (if applicable) to be paid by buyer.