The domain I wanted is already gone. Now what?

The well of really good "dot com" domain names is getting very dry indeed, however there are plenty of high quality names available on the secondary market. As mentioned earlier, try to think what your potential customer would type in to search for a product that you make or carry. What would you type in? Think like a customer and then when you have worked out the most relevant word or phrase go to a site that registers domain names. (You can do that right here at toptierdomains and pay as little as $15 for a .com .net or .org). If your ideal name is gone it may turn out to be for sale somewhere.

Firstly, if you want to know who has the rights to that name or names go to a "whois" lookup site. You can access one here at toptierdomains, (the link is in the menu at left). It may turn out that by getting the owner details you can approach them by email to see if they may be open to an offer to sell you the name.    If that fails then there are thousands of sites similar to this one selling really good names (and some not so good). Be prepared to spend quite some time doing this because at the end of the day it will be worth the effort if you can get the perfect name for your website. Simply type in the phrase "domainnamesforsale" or "domainsforsale" or even "domains + for sale" on the search engine you use, ie Yahoo or Excite etc. and watch the thousands of sites that come up. Some compromise may be necessary however but you can still get good results. For example, you may own a lawfirm or be a lawyer specialising in the stocks and bonds market. You find that is not available nor is What are the alternatives? What about  That's not a bad compromise. Alternatively, by utilising a domain monitoring service, for a very reasonable fee, you can gain access to domain name information that can give you an extremely large advantage in having first hand knowledge of what names may be expiring in the future. Click here for an insight into a truly remarkable service. Maybe you can get that "perfect" name after all.