How important is having a good domain name?

It's irrelevant whether you have a "local" domain or a global one, such as dot com. These days the majority of traffic (visitors) to your website will have probably been guided there through the use of keywords, (an expensive revenue earner imposed by some search engines). However, a good domain name can still be the driving force behind visitors finding your site.

Let's suppose you were going to open a store but the only location you could get was over at the back end of town, miles away from the mainstream of traffic and right down the end of a back alley. You'd probably get a few locals as regular customers but not a lot of passing traffic. After all, how would people know you even existed? You could advertise and that might generate a smattering of business but unless you had something that people wanted that was hard to find elsewhere why would they look in on you? Imagine however, how different things would be if your store was in the middle of the busiest shopping center in the country and you had prime exposure. The vast difference in revenue would be truly amazing. The same is true with trading on the Internet. Unless you have a prime Internet address how are people going to find you? Sure, your regular customers would know where you're located and again you could advertise your address, and if you're offering something really special people just might take down your site name and look you up. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself  "Could I remember my domain name easily". If your answer is yes then well done but don't go away just yet because there are a few things you may not realise. If your answer is no, then don't despair because the solution is a simple one.